четверг, 24 сентября 2009 г.

Happy birthday

Сегодня мне понадобилась открытка ко дню рождения. Поскольку я очень люблю объемные изображения, то в новой открытке я использовала 3Д технику.

Также использовала разную бумагу для пастели; липкие наклейки-уголки, посыпанные блестками. Внутри поздравление напечатано на принтере шрифтом, похожий на шрифт фона и отпечатана роза.

I love the 3D image. The such image I used in my new card. This card is gift by the birthday.

среда, 23 сентября 2009 г.

No card today

No card today.
I am busy by embroidery.
Yesterday I have received my candy from Stephanie and try my new stamps.
I shall return soon with a new card. I'm so happy.
Thanks for stopping by

воскресенье, 13 сентября 2009 г.

And second award..

excuse me for so long waiting...

The very sweet and talented Boni has given me this award, thanks hun.

The rules with this second award are that you have give 10 facts about yourself! The rules with this second award are that you have give 10 facts about yourself! I haven't anything exciting to share with you because I am absolutely unexceptional.

1. I'm red at reality
2. I'm very lazy and very like to read the books
3. I love a rain
4. I like ice-cream and cakes and I'm so thick now
5. I worked in newspaper
6. I worked as the engineer and the teacher
7. I and my children greater collectors. We collect marks, coins, pocket calendars, telephone cards, bierdeckels and plastic covers.
8. I love the cats
9. I have a glasses now
10 . I not love to watch TV

I'm passing this award onto these gorgeous peeps:
Peet, Theresa, Lisa, Spyder, Stephanie, Jessica, Kirsten, Jak, Desire, Sassy

These girls have FANTASTIC blogs - go check em out!

воскресенье, 6 сентября 2009 г.

I have to pass my award

I have received this award from the Spyder from Spyder's Corner. Thankyou Lyn!
Today I transfer it to 5 my blog-friends who constantly visits mine blog. Thanks, lady, it is really important for me.

OK, this 5 :

1. Elena

4. Anne